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About Our Color Laser Printer Reviews

Why We Review Printers
As printer specialists we have always evaluated the latest printers in order to know which printers to recommend  and even more importantly which printers not to recommend for specific jobs. It’s the only way to sell the right printer the first time which is what we’ve been doing for over twenty two years. When the internet came along we decided to put our showroom on-line as best we could. One of the first things we did was to publish our printer reviews and evaluations for the benefit of all our customers as well as those otherwise unable to visit our showroom.  

Credibility and Accountability

Printer reviews have been around as long as there have been computer magazines. The problem is that all too often we disagreed with the magazine editors. How could they get it so wrong? The answer is simple. Magazines and similar computer publications rely on advertising dollars from the same companies whose products they review. How’s that for conflict of interest?  Some say that our reviews are less credible citing the fact that we actually sell printers as a potential conflict of interest. Our reviews are more credible because we sell printers. If you buy a printer recommended by a magazine only to discover later that it does not live up to the review, we seriously doubt that you will write the editors to complain. It is more likely that you will return it to your dealer. That’s us! Ultimately we are accountable for any printer we sell to our customers. A magazine recommending a printer has nothing to loose but the printers we recommend better do what we say otherwise we lose you as a customer. It’s that simple. Couple that with our 5-Star user rating and A+ BBB rating to get the whole picture. In addition our customers can always call us on our reviews since our showroom is open to the public five days a week. We also offer a Color Laser Test-Drive so our more remote customers can effectively review the printers first hand. Just another way we're taking our showroom on-line. That is maximum accountability.

Expert Reviews versus User Reviews

User reviews are valid in that a user can relay his or her experience with a particular product or service. The problem is lack of a basis for comparison. It is useless for us to declare that we have assigned a given printer a total score of 40 points. That number would be meaningless unless we provided comparable scores. Only then could you determine if 40 was a low or a high score. A user is limited by not having the benefit of comparing several similar models and too often will base their review solely on their expectations. If their expectations are low the printer is awesome, “compared to my in-jet this printer is super fast”. If expectations are unrealistic the printer sucks, “my printer jammed every time I tried to feed 110lb cover stock from the tray”. Our reviews are conducted by senior service and sales representatives with decades of experience in the printer industry. Another advantage we enjoy is the ability to compare and demonstrate these printers daily in our showroom facility and relate those features to our customer's real needs. There is a right printer for the right job.

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