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To continue to make products with concern for the environment, or eco-friendly products, is one of our biggest responsibilities as a manufacturer. At one time, information devices could keep their functionality for a long time through regular maintenance. Then came the emergence of personal-sized information devices, and more consumers expressed their desire for products that did not require maintenance. Thus emerged Kyocera Mita's exclusive long-lasting technology, which kept replacement parts to a minimum and lessened the impact on the environment in terms of resources. This is how the ECOSYS concept was born. In 1986, the top management of Kyocera declared that the environment would become a major topic in the near future. At this time, when the word "ecology" was unfamiliar to many, we launched the ECOSYS Project. ECOSYS became products with life-spans that were unimaginable at the time. Thanks to their long-lasting design, ECOSYS products reduced running cost, making them economical choices for customers. The ECOSYS name reflects both our pride in the products that are depended upon by so many of our customers and our sense of responsibility to society.


At the core of ECOSYS technology is the amorphous silicon (a-Si) print drum, which Kyocera Mita was among the first to install in small-sized business printers in place of the conventional OPC drum used in printers and copiers. Unlike OPC drums, in which the surface plastic quickly degrades, amorphous silicon drums offered the advantage of a 30 to 50 times greater hardness, making possible their exceptional lifespan. And while OPC drums need to be replaced after every 30,000 to 50,000 copies, amorphous silicon drums can keep running for 300,000 to 500,000 copies without replacement. Utilization of the "Only Toner" system has also allowed for drastic reduction in the time and effort businesses must spend replacing parts. However, when it was introduced, the amorphous silicon drum was geared toward larger machines, and many challenges loomed in order to utilize it in smaller business printers. Our development project cleared these hurdles and made the product a reality. The spirit of the development team were bolstered by the strong message from the management, that "the environment will become a major topic." They also felt the desire to take this amazing proprietary amorphous silicon drum technology and make it available to more customers in more products. These are the ambitions that led to the release of the very first ECOSYS printer in 1992.


Concern for the environment: Kyocera Mita realizes our ecological goals through a three-pillar strategy of reusing, recycling and reducing waste. As we mentioned previously, the reduction in replacement parts through the long-lasting amorphous silicon drum technology made waste reduction possible. We have also adopted many "subsets" that allow for smooth removal and separation of the reusable parts inside of the components that comprise the product itself. We design our products with the presumption that they will be reused and recycled, so most parts have their materials listed on them. All packaging materials are made of cardboard and reused newspaper in a pulp mold that is easy to reuse and recycle. Our overall aim is a "recycling model" for both our manufacturing and our company itself, to thoroughly collect what can be reused and recycled and to make recyclable products.



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