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For more than a dozen years now, when we've needed to buy a printer, we've started and ended with Printer Showcase. They listen to our needs, suggest the right machine, and give us room to shop...but we always come back to buy from them! Their prices are great, but their service - their attention - is their strong suit. They help us after the sale in any number of ways, including really patient training on whatever the new printer is!

We also really like the comparison page on the site. It's almost impossible to find cost/page info, but they have it! And the sample print is invaluable.

Yes, you should start with them, too, when shopping for a printer. I am confident they will take care of you just as they have us.

03-27-2024 by APRIL A.

***** (5/5 stars)
Have been purchasing from Printer Showcase for around 5 years. They have excellent products, great service and prices. Orders have always been shipped promptly and received within 2 days.
03-17-2023 by RICHARD N.

My customer service representatives were Andy and Dino. They both provided excellent customer service and helped me choose the right printer for my situation. I would recommend buying the printer test drive, which allows you to compare the print quality of different printers. I would buy from them again. Again Thanks!
02-25-2023 by SCOTTY H.

Best Service Hands-Down. Knowledgeable and staff is always available to answer questions or troubleshoot. Printer Showcase is the only source for printers.
02-10-2023 by TODD P.

I am thrilled with my new printer! Thanks to your excellent website, I was able to easily select the best printer for my use. And the customer service and technical support has also been excellent, far surpassing my expectations! I will certainly be purchasing from you in the future, including all supplies for my printer. I am also recommending your website to everyone I know who may be interested in buying a printer.

Excellent work, Team!
03-16-2021 by Susan H

We recently purchased a Kyocera Ecosys M8130cidn from you, and I just wanted to let you know how exceptionally pleased we are with it. We're very impressed! It is far superior to the Ricoh printer we owned previously. Print quality is outstanding, scanning is amazingly fast, and it's very quiet. Our only regret is that we didn't buy it sooner! Thanks for the great printer and great customer service. Outstanding from beginning to end!
11-17-2020 by D Farrar

Printer Showcase brings everything to the table that I look for in establishing a customer-vendor relationship. The website presents information intuitively and in a straight-forward manner. If you cant find what you are looking for, call them and they will get you a solid answer and provide the assistance needed. Solid printer and service provided EVERY Time!
01-30-2019 by David G

Outstanding! I discovered your company in 2012 and purchased a small-business color laser printer from you. The sales staff and later your tech support team have been pleasant to work with, highly knowledgeable, and patient with my inquiries. Doing business with your company has been 100% satisfactory. Thanks for what you do.
11-28-2018 by Linda S.

Fantastic service and super useful rating reviews information. I was looking for a good laser printer to replace my existing one that's heavily used for my small business. The Ricoh SP C842DN did not disappoint. Prints super fast in awesome quality and very cost efficient. Running smoothly for the past 3 months. Highly recommend this company. Keep up the great work! =)
11-28-2018 by Peggy F.

Printer Showcase is the place to go if you want a reliable quality printer that is backed with super service and support. My company has been a customer for over 12 years and they are a great bunch of guys.  
Mike LeVasseur

Website provided good information and purchase was pain free and easy.  
Mike E.
Phoenix, AZ

Excellent. We order all our office printer needs from Printer Showcase. Fast and best prices.
Bonnie G.
Burlington, NC

The care in packaging my printer was 2nd to none as it arrived in pristine condition. Due to my graphic design work load and production schedules, it was about 3 weeks before I could get it installed.  Was that ever easy!  Getting my gorgeous new printer installed completed software and hardware upgrades to my business.

I had a list of criteria for a printer and searched high and low always coming back to your website.  The volume of information that you provide is wonderful.  Really made my choice easy. I couldn't be happier with my choice.

Being a graphic designer is is imperative that I have a printer that is going to produce what I see on my monitor and my Ricoh SP C830DN does just that!!!

Thank you for such an incredible product.  And thank you too for your communications in regards to my purchase.

Would I order from Printer Showcase again?  Yes, in a heart beat!!!

Your Customer Service is outstanding! ..made this project easier than I had anticipated!
Rockford, IL

I would like to just say thank you for great consistant service and products!

You folks continue to impress us! Your supply [and equipment] ordering is fast and easy... your prices are great, and you have the supplies shipped [usually] the same day if ordered early enough. Now I know y'all are in the east, and we're down in Texas, but yesterday I ordered 4 tubes of toner at 2:00pm central, and they just arrived at 10:15am! Houdini couldn't do better!

Y'all are one of the most customer-service oriented companies that I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. We have been using your firm for over two years now and you just keep getting better and better!

Thank you for your award winning business attitude--you are a breath of fresh air in a world of stale businesses!

Houston, TX

“I can’t thank you all enough – this was a decision that I had been procrastinating on because I just wasn’t sure how to research (and find) the best printer for me; and between your website (extremely user friendly and full of useful reviews and detailed information!) and Andy’s help and patience, I believe I’ve selected exactly the right printer for me –“
Alexandria, VA

I join the many others who rave about Printer Showcase. It is simply the best experience I can remember in dealing with a web company. Being underwhelmed by the lack of consumer service with my old color laser printer and then overwhelmed in the new selection process, I used the phone and called. Scott picked up and actually listened to my needs. He sold me a Ricoh SP C430dn. Not only was the price competitive, but the outstanding Ricoh service promised, was well, OUTSTANDING!! I live on the Big Island of Hawaii (always a problem for shipping and service). The printer arrived in the time promised and upon hook-up printer issues arose. Ricoh not only corrected one issue with a phone call to one of their knowledgable techs (American accent I could understand), but sent another tech out on-island within 24 hrs. to fix the other issues on-site. I am loving this printer which suits my needs because you understood what my needs were. Thank you Printer Showcase for pointing me to Ricoh -- another outstanding company besides you. I couldn't be more satisfied.
Nancy Male
Kamuela, Hawaii

I received the printer I ordered from your company promptly. The Kyocera is everything the salesman said it was. I have been working with it now for several weeks and like it a lot. It was easy to set up and worked well with out any tweaking.

After looking at your excellent web site I decided to call and talk to a salesman to discuss my particular wants and needs for a color laser printer. I am impressed with the vast knowledge of laser printers that the salesmen in your company have and how willing they are to discuss the customer's needs. You could tell he really knew his stock, there was none of this "checking" of computer screens to find out the answers to questions. He just knew the answers to every question I asked. Besides being very knowledgeable there was no rushing the sale or pressuring in any way. In fact when I said I was ready to buy, he sounded surprised I'd made up my mind in just one phone conversation, but I had been looking for several months when I called the Printer Showcase. By then I knew what I didn't want and that is one way to weed out the options. After searching the stores and the internet for a new printer I am so glad that I found your company.
Patricia Adams

I recently purchased a Ricoh SP C411dn color laser printer from this company. I have to say - the technical information, the pricing, the delivery time and most of all THE PRINTER were all excellent. This company simply does what they say they are going to do. You won't do any better than Printer Showcase for your printer needs, they are simply the best.
Steve Morris
Morris Galleries
Sweetware, TN 37874

The printer arrived this morning in excellent condition. I can't say enough about your customer service and error handling. The least I can do is tell the story to all my professional buddies, which I will do. But, really, you've been more impressive than I can adequately describe.

Thanks again
Lawrence P. Duffield
Fort Bragg, CA

My experience & 6 months latter
The purchase:
Before I bought my printer I did months of research on my own, asked every guru I could find and read anything printers or printer related. First step, figure out what makes a good printer for a specific job good, then where to purchase at a fair price. After months of research I found your web page, bingo, much of your comments both good and bad could have saved me literally months, more importantly I had come to the conclusion that you were obviously yoda of the printer world. Next step, prices, I started to look at your total packages and your prices. Everywhere else I checked prices were either much higher or worse, venders would offer low prices without disclosing that their printers were actually incomplete, yes the printers actually wouldn't work until I purchased more parts and assembled them myself costing me a heck of allot more. (Lesson, read the fine print!) The packages you offer are incredible deals, and complete, NO FINE PRINT! Skeptical of the internet I made the order anyway, I waited and just as advertised, I took it out of the box and in a short time I was in business. I wish I had found you sooner. Thanks for being everything as advertised.

After the purchase:
In my quest to find the ultimate printer I hadn't even considered the service, follow-up questions or maintenance. Six months have gone by since my initial purchase and I need a job specific item, an optional tray. I had since lost your address so I called the local dealers, nothing, not only did they not have the part but most didn't even know what I was talking about. I searched the internet till I found your sight and like clock work all my questions regarding maintenance were solved and the tray is on the way. Wow, never again, I wrote your address down this time. I just wanted to say thank you again for being there and thankfully more than I had expected.

Douglas Giannotti
St. Petersburg, FL

Hi, Printer Showcase Guys -

I just visited your web site looking for a Tabloid Color Printer. NICE WEB SITE ! ! ! The comparisons were wonderful ! ! ! Just what we need to know.

. . then I discovered you are in Smyrna, Georgia - I am in Roswell.

We're saving our nickels and dimes, and it will take a while. But a Richoh CL7200D is definitely in our future. Your web site gave us precisely the inforrmation needed to plan our budget and future product offerings.

You web site rocks ! ! ! Thanks for a job well done! See you in a couple of months.

Lynn NagranI
Haven Sound, Inc.

Roswell, GA

I am writing to convey my profound thanks for the expert, friendly, thorough assistance you provided via telephone and the AnyDesk app earlier this month, in connection with my recent purchase of the Kyocera M8124 laser printer from Printer Showcase (Order #36251). You resolved several issues related to the outdated software that the manufacturer provided, helped with key settings (both on the device and among various print commands), and empowered me with information to ensure successful outcomes going forward. You were patient, cheerful, and generous with your time.

You have a masterful command of printing—both old school and digital. As we worked through the issues, I took notes and, although I have decades of experience with desktop publishing and the Macintosh platform, with incorporating printers and scanners into my workflow, I am certain I did not capture every nuance of each solution. You encouraged me to keep in touch, if needs arise, and I may take you up on that.

Again, thank you so much for your time, assistance, and good cheer. I will recommend Printer Showcase!

With best wishes

and high-fives from New England,

03-21-2024 by Harry

All set up with the printer. Scott was over-the-top amazing! I am so glad I purchased from you and Printer Showcase. After so many years of going to a printer, I can finally produce all my music at home for my small music publishing business. And so many more things I will be able to do at a much higher quality as well as a savings.

Thank you so much!

03-22-2024 by Chuck

I come back to Printer Showcase time and time again, specifically for the customer service and superior knowledge of each product. I have been guided to the right equipment based on my personal needs and given frank feedback. After purchase I continue to receive excellent support and service unmatched with any other vendor. PS really seems to be one of a kind when it comes to their service. Much appreciated.
03-10-2023 by JENNIFER K.

Excellent, friendly and helpful service. Answered all my questions promptly and always got back to me when required to. Kept in contact all the way from purchase to delivery. Great prices too. Thank you!
12-05-2022 by CHRIS C.

Considering a printer? Several years ago I did a great deal of research to buy a new color laser printer for my business. It was a daunting task. I ran across Printershowcase, and suddenly the clouds lifted! I call several times with questions and concerns, and everyone I spoke with was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They helped me choose the right printer for my company, and their support has been unbeatable. On the rare occasion when I needed help – even with networking the printer on several computers, Scott walked me through the process with ease and alacrity. That is half the battle nowadays. It seems their goal is to make life easier, and they are good at it. How refreshing. I almost can’t wait for another reason to call, just knowing they are there to help. Thanks Printershowcase!
07-19-2019 by Martin F

Thanks again for your wonderful and patient customer service. It is an art most have forgot. I truly appreciate it and you all have my business for life.
07-09-2019 by Greg J

Printer Showcase is an excellent dealer. I have purchased 3 laser printers from them over the last few years. The sales staff goes out of their way to help. In addition to using their website, I talked to them on the phone for clarification about products. They even sent me printouts of my final 3 choices in printers, so I could judge for myself the quality of the printing and photos. The delivery was very quick. I will continue to use this company as I am very satisfied with their service and knowledge in explaining the features of various printers that would be a good choice for my needs.
01-30-2019 by Patricia A

Awesome! I found Printer Showcase while searching for the best printer I could find at the best price I could find. I needed a laser printer. When I went to their sight, everything was just lined out for me. They simplified my choices. I purchased a Ricoh printer from them and it has been the best printer that I've ever had. Thank you Printer Showcase for making your sight easy to understand and for offering the best products ever!
12-27-2018 by Christine C.

These guys are the bomb ! That means extraordinary. I sent them complex test files many years ago in 2010, We identified the best printer for skin tones and detail that only cost 2 cents a copy. The printer is still fabulous, I trust them and will always call them for my needs. I was very OCD about that purchase, I went to NYC i went to Xerox center. I tested and priced every machine, including consumables. I read reviews everywhere. Nothing beats a place that allows you to send files and see results sent back to you. I tested mid size between $2000 and $5000 printers. Ricoh, Kyocera, Minolta and Konica. The kind you cant buy at Staples. I have probably printed at least 60,000 copies. Since each cartridge is 20,000 copies. I had to also change the waste toner bottle. That was $24. Its really great. I did choose the Ricoh 431DN. It was so long ago it is now a discontinued model. But I would definitely go back to printer showcase and compare what is the best today. I laugh because someone wanted me to take over a lease for $200 a month. seriously ? That would have been around $18,500 for the same time period vs a $2000 purchase plus an extra $500 for cartridges for a total of $2500. Plus the quality consistency is perfect and never a problem, I think I have called printer showcase and Ricoh a total of 3 times in the past 8 years. They deserve the review.
12-12-2018 by gregory A.

These guys are great. Very Happy with my printer.
EcoTurf Landscaping

Great Products. Great prices. Fast shipping. They know printers!
Michael D.
Ann Arbor, MI

Excellent website and good customer service. They helped me find a great printer and I had no problems with my order. They also have some of the best prices for re-ordering supplies. I would recommend them to anyone.
John G.
Tempe, AZ

This is the 2nd time I have ordered from your company.
Knowledgeable, Polite and Helpful. Thanks for the help!

I spent an inordinate amount of time researching new color laser printers for my home office. Time and time again I kept coming back to the Printer Showcase website. It was a combination of their own reviews, pricing, customer service, and testimonials. I decided to buy the Ricoh SP C430 DN from them. It's awesome. Just watch the review on I would highly recommend making a purchase with Printer Showcase on any machine. Their customer service cannot be beat.
Trenton, NJ

I just want to thank you and the company for responding so *unbelievably* fast! I just received the package and it is not even 20 hours since my order!
Thank you very very much!
Baltimore, MD

I wanted to comment on the level of service I have received so far regarding the printer I purchased. From the initial phone consultation to choose the best printer for my needs to additional help with technical assistance your company has been exceptional. Business today seems to be an art of phone prompts and voicemails and intentional non human contact. I applaud your customer care. I will recommend your company to anyone who is looking for printers.
Doylestown, PA

Just wanted to let you guys know that my Ricoh SPC430dn arrived as promised, and actually a day early. I set it up and it runs just fine. I will recomend all my business associates to your company. In an age where customer service is a dying or lost skill. Printershowcase shows that there are still firms that practice and demonstrate the mantra..."CUSTOMER SERVICE", first and always!

Buying a printer from you was a unique experience. You listened to what I told you I needed. You sold me a fantastic machine that did everything you said it would. You did not sell me functionality I didn’t need. Your service is the best I have every encountered, and your prices on consumables are extremely competitive.
Nigel Collins
School Data Corp

I Just want to say how much I appreciate your prompt, informative, cordial, friendly service. So glad to experience the total individual attention without interruptions and your patience in listening to questions and/or comments. I recommend your company highly as the very best source for equipment and service. I have experienced your knowledgeable guidance and advice throughout all business transactions as well as your taking time to explain procedures so thoroughly as you "walk" me through steps or procedures. You are fantastic teachers and tutors. I know when I contact you, I get prompt, correct, reliable and honest answers and feel as comfortable as visiting with a long-time friend whenever I have an order or question. That is why I buy from you instead of competing companies. Thank you for being there. I hope your business will be profitable enough to keep you always available. God bless you and your company.
Dr. Franklyn M Rogers

I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Scott and Dino of Printers Showcase for going beyond the call to duty in solving a very complex pagination problem. I purchased a Ricoh 811 from you a few months back and I am now able to perform complex duplexing and pagination tasks that had several other companies and printers stumped. In particular, Scott worked on my printing problems with Indesign 2.0 on a Mac G5 for several weeks and did not give up until successfully providing the solution. Until now, I had to drive over a hundred miles to proof my books before final publishing.

Thank you very, very much.

Cecil Williams
Cecil Williams Photography/Publishing

I want to thank you for your invaluable help as we went through the process of choosing a new printer for our business. The new Ricoh printer is a wonderful new asset for our office, and we are very pleased with the way it has worked out. Talking with you first about the different models and their strengths, then seeing the test results of the different models we were considering made the process of buying a new printer easy. The 'test drive' service Printer Showcase offers takes the guesswork out of the printer buying process - thank you for offering it. Your follow up support has also been a life saver and has really helped us through learning the particulars of printing on our new machine. Thanks for everything. It is great doing business with you.


Chris Breuer
Breuer Pottery

Your time and assistance was above and beyond for a call-in inquiry. I won’t hesitate to pass on your name and number to associates and clients.

Thanks again for your advice!

Dougs Loftus
Cincinnati, OH

"I'm just writing to commend Printer Showcase for outstanding service. I placed an order & it was shipped to me the next day on time as advertised. Not like most places who process your order in 24 hrs. Kudos & hats-off to Printer Showcase for outstanding service. I will always order my printer supplies here. Thank You"
Edwin Gorter
Hackensack, NJ.

"I was very happy with your service. Your printing comparison option gave me the piece of mind I needed to make the right purchase decision. You guys rock!"
Fred Asher
New York, NY

"Just a note to thank you for such great service. I ordered a Phaser 6200DP at 3:00pm on Thursday May 8 and it was on my doorstep at 1:00pm Friday the 9th and I didn't pay for the shipping! It only took 30 minutes to unpack, setup and install it on my network and I was up and running by 1:30. The quality is awesome! I could not be happier with this transaction. Thanks PrinterShowcase for a seamless transaction!"
Carl Negley
Tyler Texas

"I purchased a phaser 7700 last week, and just finished installing it. It's great! Thanks for getting the printer to me so quickly "
Betsy Rubinstein
Washington D.C.
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